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Writing Courses

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A Writing Journey to enhance your writing skills, your life and your relationship  with Self

This successful and sold out workshop will run again in July 2022.

It is run over four weeks online and is a celebration of our bodies on the page and the start of a dialogue between body, mind and spirit.


"It came at an important time when I was feeling a lot of anxiety in my body; the writing and exercises provided plus the supportive environment helped me make sense of it and release it." - Kim B, Johannesburg.

Expect writing, celebration, meditation, romancing the ordinary, inner child work, body mapping and getting to understand the language of your body. Where does it feel joy, which organ talks to you when you are sad, what joint whispers in creaks its story to you, what is that twitch in your eye telling you...

You’ll walk away with the start of a dictionary of how your body talks to you and this can be taken to joyfully enhance your life and relationships, and also bring more life to your fictional characters on the page.

If you’d like to find out more about the workshop, and to book a spot please email me


Researching and Writing


Want to be a writer and earn some money?
Come and work on flexing your writing muscles with a series of 2-hour sessions of online writing exercises and tips on how to produce publishable feature stories:
MONTHLY - email


Keep Calm & Write 


Come find answers in the art of peaceful writing!

In these transformational writing classes we will

use words and writing as meditation

to find the answers to our questions about the

way ahead.


The workshop will use the power of words,

freestyle writing and celebration to welcome in

the new into our lives.




Grief and Gratitude

Death and change are such a part of our human journey yet so seldom addressed in every day life. I run this workshop four times a year.

Illness, death, loss of a job, being a caregiver, divorce, breakup, disability....

Where do I go to release the mask that says how I should mourn loss? Where do I go to allow this pain to be released? How do I honour that which I have lost? How do I grieve? And in all this grittiness, how can I find the gifts of this life?

Vivian guides and holds a space where words, honouring, ritual and reverence are used to honour our losses and to give thanks for our gifts.


Vivian is a writing coach and a counsellor who assists clients in using words as a tool for healing, self-exploration and growth. She has been working with words all her working life and has been exploring applied psychology and the healing arts for as long. Her passion is to help people become more of who they are so that they are more available to life and to the many gifts on the road. 

Week 1:  Meeting all the muses (the basics of who they are) – Character checklists. (Arrive with an idea for your muse) (Muse Match 1)


Week 2: The virtual coffee date: Romancing the ordinary: Turning ordinary lattes into love potions (How to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary on and off the page) (Muse Match 2)


Week 3: Meeting in ‘the flesh’: Who are the muses? What makes them tick? Where do they feel things in their body…. A first kiss perhaps, a one-night stand? a spiritual connection? An awful meeting of two muses? What will it be? (Muse Match 3)


Week 4: Going deeper: Beyond the rose coloured glasses: Layers, patterns and old wounds: In the garden of good and evil where do these muses play (Muse Match 4)


Week 5: An exploration of the relationship your muse is forming with other muses in the group. An illicit affair? A love triangle? Co-dependent? Unrequited? Returned? People you recognise from the outside world sitting here? Insights you can share? (Muse Match 5)


Week 6Happily ever after or “I’m going back into the game". Letting go or holding on... (Muse Match 6)


This workshop has limited seating

Heat up your evenings this July in a writing workshop in Cape Town aimed at getting your creative juices flowing on and off the page. Depending on how life unfolds, this will be brought online, and allow our international writers to join.


Come seduce your muse out of hiding and romance the ordinary.


WORDWARRIOR offers a fun and titillating exploration of creativity through words and play this winter as a group of writers try seduce their muses out of hiding and attempt to match them up with other muses as romance stokes the fires of the page.


ONLINE/ possibility Live at Spin Street



Find the joy in writing again, meet new people, put some kink in your ink



For commitment phobes (problems committing to the page), the lonely (those who miss their muses more than they'll admit), the adventurous (those willing to go on an exploration to get their muses back) and of course, always for the open minded and open hearted. Writers, lovers, people wanting to have some fun and reconnect with the creative process. 


How to apply? stating in four sentences or less why you want to attend the workshop.


If you body could talk
what would it say?

Map your body's dictionary

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