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What some people have said about Vivian’s  workshops

“Excellent. I felt my brain was re-activated in a way that I absolutely did not expect and I found that my writing was better than I thought.” Lauren Hess, Media 24, Cape Town



“Vivian is very approachable and knowledgeable. She has good ideas and gives criticism in a constructive way.” Esma Marnewick, assistant editor: Weg Magazine



“I use the notebook we were using during the training as my dictionary. The lessons I learned were invaluable. Thanks again!” Simonia Mashangoane. TAC

“Just wanted to let you know that the sales guys had their best month ever and I definitely contribute a big part of that to your workshop. They loved it and it was a real benefit to them.” 

Alison Willcocks, Interwaste Cape Town

“Thank you so much for rekindling the writing flame.” 

Luckyboy Edison Mkhondwane Treatment Action Campaign

“Thanks for this. It has really given me a lot of material to take back to my own students. Shaken, stirred, I won’t ever be the same again (and that’s a good thing).”

Themba, part-time lecturer

“Presenter was fantastic, opened my mind and thoughts to new ideas.” Nadia Muller, Glacier Finance


“Thanks for the gift and inspiration of your workshop. Since doing it I constantly view the world and my life in a different way - observing all the nuances rather than letting it all rush by. It has given each day a whole new set of experiences that I wouldn’t have had before!”

Jane Eedes Hansen, business owner



“Informative, brilliantly presented, worth every moment.”  N.C., Glacier Finance



“I have been writing for almost two decades. This course was like a breath of fresh air, giving “an old dog” new tricks. My joy in the process of writing has been rekindled after years of seeing it as a job. Thank you. I really learnt so much and also remembered a lot too. Many people have commented on how there is a new `lightness of being’ in my articles.”

Pieter van Zyl, award winning journalist, You/Huisgenoot/Drum


“A re-awakening of neurons, synapses and messages to a dormant left-sided escape to the world of make believe. Thank you for the words. A spider web of creativity on a blank page.” 

Nadine Ogonowski, medical professional



“Your one-day Joburg workshop was really amazing. Just what I needed. Feel refreshed, invigorated and ready to tackle old jobs in new ways.” 
Steve, IT specialist



“As you know I have recently experienced a lot of trauma and grief in my life. Your workshop has helped me breathe through it. I felt that you really held me and that through the writing process I was able to process so much of what had happened to me without having to turn to other crutches. A life-saver. Thank you, thank you.”  James Duncan



“I highly recommend this. It adds so much value, not only to your professional self, but to your personal self.” Claudia Marais, Glacier Finance



“The wordshop is a quest and carries with it a persuasive and charming experience. Our words are light and life. If we find them we find life.”

Carl Badenhorst, Research & Development 



“Vivian is warm and engaging. She gives attention to everyone; she gives a lot of nurturing which has helped me a lot in the learning process. I like her approach. Thank you.” Nellie Brand, business writer



“Excellent workshop. Extensive knowledge, very good presentation skills.” Jan Gerber, reporter, Die Burger



“Taken out of my comfort zone, it was a most liberating day!” Cassandra Ducasse, executive assistant 



“This was a brilliant session in getting “in touch” with ourselves and connecting with the team in a fantastic way. Brilliant trainer.” Kobashni Stone, Durban



“My experience of the Word Warrior workshops runs so much deeper than just putting a pen to paper. A chance to grow creatively - as a person, and as a writer. A supportive space in which to share and learn, and to meet beautiful, inspiring souls.” Emma Verhoeven, Cosmetics Importer


About the Grief workshop:

Viv's Grief Workshop was enormously helpful in working through the pain and loss of my mom's death in a gentle, beautiful way that I found respectful of her memory, while also giving me a safe space to feel some of the harder emotions I was dealing with. I felt many times during that day that mom was right there with me. A real gift.


About Write 2016:

I loved the Write 2016 workshop with Viv! Looking both backwards at the year past and forward into the unknown new year was insightful, inspirational and a whole lot of fun too!

About the Writing Workshops:
Viv's writing workshops have been wonderful tools in my life - each one of the three I've attended offering me something unique, but all within a safe, loving and nurturing space using a medium I love mixed up with some magic that Viv is so wonderful at bringing to these experiences. She is the perfect facilitator- warm, generous, kind, funny and wise. I look forward to more writing with her in the future.

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