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Writing, Creativity and Wellness 2022

Writing as a tool for healing, exploring and expressing


Vivian offers private and group sessions either telephonically or via Zoom/Skype/WhatsApp. She works with individuals and groups from all over the world on both life and writing projects.

WRITING COURSES/SESSIONS honed for Beginners, Intermediate and Professional writers. Each course/session is adapted to suit your needs.

HOW TO: Be and see creatively

This is life course altering. We tap into the left and right brain to create magic. Unlock your muse, wake up your creativity. Discover the extraordinary in the ordinary, explore your life and the world around you with new eyes, unlock hidden memories, express and explore in a safe environment. Individuals and Groups

HOW TO: Write your memoirs
Sessions to help you put your life on the page in a way that is both healing and publishable. Explore your timelines, your beliefs, patterns and breakthroughs and get your story on the page.


HOW TO: Write your book
How to start writing a book, including plot and character development, timelines, an adventure on and off the page as you find the golden thread on which to hook your story from start to end. Working with Structure from start to end.

HOW TO: Write for a digital market

As a content and communications expert Vivian assists you in putting down words and ideas that will get legs and space in the digital market.

HOW TO: Write a publishable article

Vivian takes you from start to end of the process. Deciding on the right publication for your work, who to contact, how to find the perfect idea for an article, interviews, gathering information and then her decades-tested method of sifting through it to write an article that you can sell.

HOW TO: Conduct an interview

Writing an article but need to understand how to do an interview? ... from body language, picking up nuances, scanning the unseen, and how to ask the questions that get you answers that will take your work from mediocre to excellent.


HOW TO: Write simply for business
Corporates, government, NGOs, media, advertising and higher education institutions often lose their clients by using jargon. When one paragraph can be five words. This workshop helps you and you team simplify your message and have better interaction with your clients for optimum results.

HOW TO: Cope with Death and Dying

Vivian uses spiritual practice and insights, plus her applied psychology, to help individuals and families be present with loved ones during the last moments of their life. She also works with the dying to assist them in stepping into the next part of their journey. 

SPACE clearing

Vivian works with energetically clearing space and inviting in new supportive ways and energies of being in your work and home space.

HOW TO: Turn Grief into Gratitude

Sacred workshops give attendees a chance to explore grief and gratitude in a safe space where you are allowed to sit in the pain and howl, laugh and express free from guilt, shame and .judgment.


As a facilitator and life coach, Vivian leads teams to gain a solid and powerful connection and to rise above individual ethos to one of "we mentality". Helps teams break through barriers, facilitates change management, uses mindfulness and stress reduction to help companies/groups/partners rise in challenging times.


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