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Mental Health and Wellness

As a counsellor, I offer 45-minute one-on-one sessions, usually beginning with talk therapy, and bringing in other methods, should I feel the client would benefit from them.

The sessions are either face-to-face in Cape Town or online via zoom.

About the work I do

My aim is to create a safe space for clients to express themselves in a way that is freeing, empowering and uplifting.

I use a number of techniques to help clients unpack trauma, grief, anxiety and also help them change their story to one that serves them In a more positive and helpful way.

The therapies I draw on include:


His most famous and known technique is "the empty chair" technique - he, however, has numerous techniques that help create positive shift in clients’ lives by helping them view life from a different perspective.


One way I use this is by helping the client narrate their lives. This therapy is empowering and collaborative.

We look at personal experiences and the stories the client has around them and the meaning they have given to the experience. 

The stories ultimately have helped shape the person’s identity and we use the power of these stories to allow the client to discover their life purpose, rewrite their story and find deeper meaning in their life. It also seeks to help the client find a separation between themselves and their problem/s.


This is the most basic counselling method in which - through talking - a client arrives at the gist of their issues and discovers ways to help themselves through life.

Other methods which I may use: 

Somatic counselling (how the body talks the mind: what those aches and pains may be telling you), Write to Heal (a method in which the client writes their story in a way to break through blocks.) and a number of energetic healing modalities.

I work with clients from all walks of life, many suffering from anxiety, a sense of ennui and trauma.


I studied applied psychology at the SA College of Applied Psychology where I received a diploma in counselling and communication after three years. 

My field work was at first as a student counsellor at SACAP, and then I was stationed at Hope House where I worked closely with clients from incredibly trying socio-economic areas who faced issues such as abuse, gangsterism and poverty. 

I also worked at a half-way house, mainly with men transitioning prison into mainstream life. 

I have retained a number of pro bono clients and also hold groups for those suffering from trauma, grief and the harshness of life.

I have also studied further under the esteemed energetic master Dora Dias for 10 years as well as under international somatic therapist Noa Belling, while studying at Sacap. Debbie Ford’s method of Shadow Work is something I’ve also been trained in.

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