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Amsterdam 2022 live tours now online

AFTER a successful live tour of Amsterdam, Vivian Warby moved her live workshops, talks and sessions online until she returns again. There are plans for live sessions in September 2022.

Vivian's Radical Transformation workshop (see Right) will open your mind, spark the creative Muse and get you living and writing with a new-found energy.

Vivian uses the application of words and writing in a practical, spiritual, psychological and energy-focused way to help create a safe space to explore and find more of yourself and your creative expression on and off the page!

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Radical Transformation

Writing Workshop


This internationally acclaimed transformational writing workshop is a spiritual and life-changing adventure - on and off the page - into yourself and the world around you.

The material is geared to help you see your world - and your life - as an extraordinary place. Expect radical transformation.

It includes:

- rewriting/re-righting your old story
- journaling and free prose

- grounding and meditation exercises to get you to tap into your heart and soul for answers

- observation skills 


- using the senses to engage with the page


- movement and play to access in your own bodies what you write about.


The  workshop is a great way of setting time aside to dream, to manifest and to become conscious creators of your life on and off the page. 

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Anyone who has a passion to seek more in life and who longs to transform their lives. Anyone who longs to reunite with their creative muse. Writers, creatives and people from all walks of life looking to break through blocks and shift.

For more details, contact Vivian.


One-on-One sessions

I offer one-on-one sessions for anyone needing an intensive hour to move on with a writing project or who would like a counselling session aimed at working with transformation.

These are done via your preference of: zoom, Skype or WhatsaApp.


 Please email me for more details: or to make a booking.

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