Vivian, who is presently based in Cape Town, South Africa, was a hard news journalist in South Africa during its transition to democracy in the late 1980s and 1990s, covering some of the country's most violent moments, but also its jubilation during the first democratic election.

In the early 2000s, Vivian left her job at one of the country's top newspapers and made her way to the coastal town of Cape Town to start her own healing journey. This saw her work under esteemed teachers  and guides, and also study applied psychology at the SA College of Applied Psychology (Sacap). After three years she gained a Diploma in Counselling and Communication and today is often sought out to talk specifically about how changing your story can change your life.


During her own road of healing, Vivian held down many top jobs in the fields of media, NGOs, marketing, communications, higher education and government. 

Vivian has worked in training and delivering workshops and talks to people from all walks of life from those in corporates to men transitioning from prison to mainstream life.


Words have always run strongly in Vivian's family whom she describes as vibrant storytellers, instilling a vivid imagination in her. Vivian is one of seven siblings and grew up in a chaotic, Bohemic and loving family. 

Over the years Vivian has lectured on writing at the University of Cape Town, done media training for the Institute for the Advancement of Journalism and given team building workshops to corporates and NGOs.


OTHER: She has also written for most glossy magazines, newspapers and online sites linked to these. She has helped publications transition from print to online, and worked on setting up subscription sites online. She has worked as an editor, managing editor, features editor, property editor and travel editor, among others. Vivian has helped on the start up of a number of local and online publications and sites, and her work has been published internationally. 




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