An era for storytellers

This is truly the era of the storyteller. So many untold stories are coming to the surface. And that storyteller is not necessarily whom we assume it to be but the many who didn’t think their story was worthy before.

Please step forward. The world is finally listening! In the many years I’ve been helping people write their stories or as a counsellor listening, or as a journalist where I have recorded others stories the one thing that struck me was these words: ‘but who would want to read about my story anyway’. So I want to say to all those who have kept their stories stuffed down inside, in dark places that have ached, who have held their own traumas and joys for no one to see - now is your time. Light is being shone on places that the world ignored before. The words from one medical doctor struck me hard - ‘we have always been in the frontlines, you just didn’t notice us before’. This is true for the many who ache and are weighed down by the burden of their untold story. The world is beginning to see you. The privilege to let someone know their life matters is afforded all of us now. Be curious. Talk it, write it. Ask. Listen. And When you’ve heard a story of someone who has touched you pass it on. Let the world know what you and our fellow brothers and sisters have held inside for so long. Share the weight of being human, and the joy. Your story matters. Write Wordwarriors write.

please contact me if you have a Story to tell, we will publish it on this blog and also reach out to the broader community to get your words out. * for those asking: We will launch in next Monday with our first writer’s story.

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