Co....existence in 2020

“A bird sitting on a tree is never afraid of the branch breaking, because her trust is not on the branch but on its own wings.”

What do we have control over in a world that seems scary and out of control?

What are we doing today to make ourselves strong on every level? Are we eating right, moving, practicing self care on a physical, emotional, spiritual level?

I like this saying - when is the best time to plant a tree? Five years ago. And the second best time? Today.

Such an opportunity to turn our lives around for the better exists today if we can move past the fear to see the opportunity.

In times of chaos, fear and panic ... it helps to be aware to catch the gap. The space between the chaos, those sweet spots. to Stop. Breathe. Concentrate on your in and out breath, deeper and longer, ground.

How can we take back our control? (the Italians singing from their balconies is one beautiful example). Laughter, acts of kindness, etc are all good examples

How much of what is good for us are we putting into our lives every day? (This includes what we are watching, speaking and doing).

Along with the list the World Health Organisation has given us to stay healthy add your own list to keep you strong and grounded to give yourself and those around you a sense of serenity in Chaos (my list is at bottom would love to hear what yours is)

Then armed with a pen and paper confront these questions:

What lessons are coming up for you?

What fears are arising?

What is my relationship with scarcity?

Write them down and face them in a safe space on the page. In this way confronting the shadow, the bully which can keep us in that ‘scared’.

Do not get lost in it. There is light coming through (both hypothetical and in reality as some blue skies emerge in China).

Ancient wounds are surfacing - perhaps of isolation, perhaps of hunger, perhaps of death , perhaps of there not being enough, perhaps of mass extinction which many of our fellow furry and other creatures and nature friends have been facing - face them - this is a good time again to release old stuff we no longer need in a new world.

Be sensible, follow sound medical advice, and take note of the countries who have been hit before yours and take the good lessons from them (one woman In China said in the end it was not the toilet paper but the few unprocessed staples she had bought that were relevant in her time of self isolation) , but most importantly write your own script of how you can rise above the panic.

This is my daily self prescription. Would love to hear yours.

My list:

*daily journalling,

*verbal and written gratitude lists,

*eat clean and right for me,

*movement, (give myself a fighting chance in every health aspect)


*nature - if I can spending time in nature, if not meditating on a photo of nature or even a flower and it’s beauty.

*breath work (out breath longer than in breath)

*laughter, (talking to people who make me laugh, watching things that make me laugh out loud, telling myself jokes)

*listening to music that makes me happy, *reading and writing spiritual and psychological books that uplift me,


*working in groups (online if necessary)

*working with clients one on one to help raise vibrations

*my different work esp when I’m in flow


*problem solving

*performing random acts of kindness


*working on knowing myself more each day through multi disciplines

The list continues but you get the drift

PS. What is it you really need more of? Toilet paper or love/self-love?

Today, I am Thinking of you wherever you are and holding you in a grid of inner strength and wisdom.

Be kind

With love always, Vivian

Should you need some online support right now, I am adding some very early morning (South African time) slots to accommodate .

📸 taken by me in the Karoo

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