Self care to avoid burnout

Talking to business people, it’s clear the past few months of survival and crisis mode has taken its toll.

The level of output many of us have been putting into saving our businesses is difficult to sustain indefinitely without some fallout.

When clients come to me with burnout or close to burnout - which can surface in so many ways including anxiety, irritability, weepiness, rage, sleeplessness and body aches, I always ask: Are you drinking water? Are you breathing?

Not that either of these are cure-alls. But they are the groundwork of self care, something which is extremely easy to forget in survival mode but equally important to remember in order to sustain you for what you need to do.

I also ask: When is the last time you walked/exercised/danced or got some fresh air? Other questions included: How much caffeine are you using? Are you eating fruits and veg? Are you avoiding processed foods?

And are you connecting with yourself whether through mediation, writing, prayer, or whatever it is that gets you in contact with yourself? Finally, who are you able to reach out to? Who do you feel safe with?

Eat right, drink water, Wash your face, meditate, exercise, call a loved one.

We can conquer the world, we can do amazing things, all that is required of us is to have touch points of self care throughout the day to sustain us.

Below is a video of the ocean, the first time I’ve been this close to it in months - my doctor the sea.

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