The Bad Guest at the Earth Party

I arrived at your party, Earth

Drank from your finest streams,

ate from your abundant trees,

danced in your oceans,

swam in your lakes,

hiked your mountains,

flirted with fellow guests,

fell in love with some,

made friends with many,

flew in your skies,

felt your soil beneath my feet,

watched the wonderful shows in the skies you laid on for me,

breathed your air

and was entranced by the array of furry, pawed, crawly, and winged friends,

Yet here I am,

deep in the middle of this all, and I haven’t once thought to come to you, my host, and say thank you for inviting me this Earth Party.

It’s been the party of my life - Vivian Warby ❤️❤️❤️

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