these times

The new seems so close and yet we can feel so lodged in the old, yet there is the new on the horizon yet here we are in the old.

There here now.

We can almost taste the new and yet we are in it, time lines seem to be merging - here there now. Don’t try make sense of it all. The thing now to do is stay grounded in your body. Watch as the old and new fly past in possibilities. Watch as the old collapses and yet stays in place, watch as the new is built but is not yet erect and, stay grounded.

I am here. It is now. I am here.

Let your feet sink into the earth and let your body feel loved and appreciated.

Big things are happening under the surface and soon things will become clearer. But for now: one foot in front of the other, one word on the page after another, you are busy writing what the future will be!

Be kind to you and to those around you as we navigate this birthing - and walk through what we must ...not knowing clearly what ultimately it will look like.... writing our story one word at a time one breath at a time - we can do this! - Vivian Warby

Maddox teaches me so much about life. I took this photo on a walk in Cape Town's Deer Park. Here Maddox, my friend's dog, looks out from our walk on the mountainto the city on a misty day.

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